I’m now down a 2nd dress size in 3 months – guess I’m going shopping again! Thanks for both, David!
Dr. L.P., 44
I pulled an AIRPLANE this weekend! I’m stronger now then I was as a young man.
Mark P., 47
My bone scan shows a 9.6% INCREASE over last year’s scan. My doctor is amazed!
Connie Y., 66
Over this past year working with DeSisto Strength Training I’ve gone from weighing 185 to 164.

Exactly where I want to be!

Greg V., 60
I can do yoga poses I never could before working out with DST. I’m a master at downward-dog!
Kathryn B., 36
Since my 20’s I’ve tried EVERY DIET imaginable. Always trying to lose thst last 5 pounds. Now I don’t worry about any amount of food! I eat what I want, when I want.

Amazing! I only wish I did this workout with DST all those years ago.

Audrey T., 70