I am a 78 year old woman that has been working in the DeSisto training environment for a number of years. His facility is nothing like the typical “gym.” …

Linda B., 78

I am a 75 year old man who has been using DeSisto Strength Training since shortly after it moved into the space next to my office… At my age, it is critical to maintain lean muscle mass to avoid falls. I have done that in half an hour once a week with DeSisto. The regimen has been so successful that I am stronger now than when I began over three years ago.

The training regimen involves only myself and Dave DeSisto in the gym at the same time…Each exercise involves moving heavy weights a short distance and is limited to 2 minutes.

I have tried floor and isometric exercises at home, but they are inadequate…

It is a unique studio that is vital to the health of older people.

Norm B., 75

Dave’s strength training system changed my life. I was in pain for 15 years before finding Dave, and thanks to his slow, methodical method of strength and muscle building I have been largely pain free for the past 9 years! That is, until shelter in place shut down his gym. I’m now in pain again. His service is really more akin to rehabilitation or physical therapy than just a “gym”. It’s an essential service for me and for many others.

Dan B., 35

While I have been physically active during the past 3 months, my activity has been mostly taking walks, and due to nervousness about where and when I do so,  it has mainly been walking on level streets only. The result is, I fear, tremendous loss in muscle tone not just upper body (which was my original, primary reason in  our strength training).

My workouts had improved not just my upper and lower body strength but, of great advantage to me, my stamina—it enabled me to run, to climb stairs and to walk up SF hills without having to stop constantly to catch my breath.

Marcia L.

I am a senior citizen with arthritis and disability issues and David’s help has been crucial in maintaining my ability to move.

Carla R.

I am a 77 year old cancer patient who really needs… strength training because I have osteoporosis. Your careful one on one training has been so helpful to me.  Before the pandemic, I saw you wiping down all of the equipment and I was your only client when I worked out with you.

I have never seen a gym like yours and that’s why I drive across town to see you and have been doing it for years.

…the sanitation you do, the air flow and the one on one training which are unique.

Connie Y., 77

I’ve been going to DeSisto Strength Training for 13 years.  What I like best about this type of fitness training is the one-on-one attention.  There’s nobody else in the studio during my session — all instruction is focused on me and my efforts, which are carefully guided from one exercise to the next.  I feel that I make a great deal more progress in this environment than I would if I were in a group class at the Y.

Mary P.

Mr. DeSisto’s studio never has more than one person at a time inside. Also the trainer can set the machine and monitor the one client from a safe distance—indeed that is essentially what happened even BEFORE the pandemic!

Mr. DeSisto’s studio has commercial grade air filters and outside air.

He is conducting private training sessions for one person at a time in a controlled environment.

The space is such that we can stay more than six ft away from him and vice versa…..his studio is a safer environment than the dentist I just visited!

His clients need him!

We are eager to get back to strength training as soon as we can in order to keep up our balance and health. Many of us must do strength training to address chronic pain. A one person at a time studio is not a gym!

Janet B.

Dave is very careful as he cares about his clients… 

The type of equipment he has is the only kind which has not injured me.  I have a chronic condition that requires that I keep my joints strong and stable.  Otherwise my joints dislocate and cause pain and eventually osteoporosis.

Female Client

My terrific “one on one” trainer, Mr. David DeSisto, shared with me your ruling regarding his desire to immediately open up his private gym (please don’t confuse Dave’s gym with the “mass of people” type gym found elsewhere) in San Francisco.

Dave works with me, and all his clients, individually.  There is rarely anyone in the sitting area waiting for their own workout.  The waiting area would be closed while a workout was in progress.  Even before the virus came to San Francisco, Dave always wiped down his equipment regularly with disinfectant…

His clients are generally successful businesspersons who understand the reasons for a slow re-opening of the San Francisco economy.  But, truly, working out with Dave in his gym is, no doubt, much safer than dining outside of any restaurant, or shopping at any grocery store or filling up one’s vehicle with gas.

Mark F., 60

As a senior citizen and one particularly at risk for osteoporosis, working with you has enabled me (at age 80!) to actually increase my bone density. My doctors are amazed that your strength training could have such an effect.

After working out with you for 10 years, your one-on-one training, your concentration on cleanliness (even before this pandemic), makes me feel comfortable returning to your facility. There are no other clients, no sweating or heavy breathing, there is no loud music, no mirrors…

I would actually feel safer in your studio than an outdoor dining facility which are now opening.

Audrey T.

David’s exercise is important for my mental well being. David Desisto’s training method helps curb the effects of office-related ailments from prolonged sitting and computer work. Since working from my home studio, with equipment that is less ergonomic than my regular company office space, I have an even more crucial need for the kind of individualized training that I receive at DST.

I am also a distance runner who up until now has not experienced any injuries…In 8+ years of training with David I have never had a running-related injury and I believe it is due to his methods exclusively.

I would feel absolutely safe exercising at DST at this moment in time. Even before the COVID-19 situation, David trains 1 on 1, with no other trainers or exercisers on the floor at any one time. Social distancing would be a non-issue.

David regularly disinfects all of the machines and other equipment and has always provided a very sanitary environment that is incomparable to other gyms…

Kat B.

I am a 70 year old retired professional who relies on Dave DeSisto’s high intensity strength training to keep me safe and healthy from osteoporosis and other problems of old age.  Since starting Dave DeSisto’s weekly private 20 minute heavy weight workouts about 5 years ago, my bone density measurement has improved from the osteoporosis range into the osteopenic category—a clear victory for my heavy weight workouts with Dave.

Dave and/or the client can wipe all surfaces before or after use with antiseptic wipes.  There has always been excellent ventilation in Dave’s gym because of multiple fans.  20 minutes in Dave DeSisto’s studio lifting weights would have far less opportunity for Covid-19 exposure than from sitting in a restaurant or shopping at Safeway.

Dave’s gym and his trainings are not like a typical gym.  They are more like a dentist office: one client at a time and equipment sanitized between clients.

Nancy S., 70

I’m now down a 2nd dress size in 3 months – guess I’m going shopping again! Thanks for both, David!

Dr. L.P., 47

Over this past year working with DeSisto Strength Training I’ve gone from weighing 185 to 164.

Exactly where I want to be!

Greg V., 60

My bone scan shows a 9.6% INCREASE over last year’s scan. My doctor is amazed!

Connie Y., 66

I can do yoga poses I never could before working out with DST. I’m a master at downward-dog!

Kathryn B., 36
Since my 20’s I’ve tried EVERY DIET imaginable. Always trying to lose thst last 5 pounds. Now I don’t worry about any amount of food! I eat what I want, when I want.

Amazing! I only wish I did this workout with DST all those years ago.

Audrey T., 70