At DeSisto Strength Training we ONLY use The ZeroForce Exercise Method because it’s the safest, most effective and efficient workout — but it’s not easy!

  • First, your instructor will set up a private, complimentary appointment with you.
  • After he/she gets to know your background, goals and any past injuries you may have had, your instructor will cover all the basic information and preliminary considerations for performing the proper technique during your workout. All of your questions will be addressed at this time so you will feel comfortable when going onto the workout floor.
  • Next, you will be set up properly on a couple of machines, precisely matched to your range of motion and physical limitations. The weight will be rather light, as this is expected to be a skill-learning period. In this first workout, you will only perform on 2 or 3 machines. Upon your return for your next workout, you will be set up on the remaining machines.

By your third workout appointment, you will start to build up the intensity and begin to reach momentary muscular failure on some exercises.


Shoulder Press

This may sound ominous, but momentary muscular failure is the key to muscle stimulation and strength gain. It is reached by moving extremely slowly, without momentum, for several repetitions until you can no longer move the weight. This is the point when your real exercise begins! Under your instructor’s direct supervision, you will continue to push at the weight — without struggling or holding your breath. Every second counts, and the intensity of the exercise grows. The exercise ends as you are no longer able to hold the weight, and you set it down slowly.

Quickly, you will move to the next machine and repeat the process on a different muscle group. After 5 or 6 machines, your entire body will be completely worked out…and it will only take 20 minutes to complete!

As you catch your breath, you and your instructor will discuss your progress from the previous workout, as well as address any issues or questions you may have, or changes you wish to make.

Finally, you can relax after your workout on our massage chair for a rejuvenating five-minute chair therapy, and begin the recovery process appropriately…you won’t be working out for another week!

Questions about the DST’s ZeroForce Exercise Method?…