First 90 Days Being Bulletproof

BulletProof Results, Days 60-90  If you’ve followed my journey over the last 90 days, you’ve seen how I’ve changed bodyfat and general well-being with a new diet plan, the BulletProof Diet. (Click here for those Newsletters) After 15 years of eating a Vegan, Vegetarian or Raw-Food Vegan diet, I decided on Jan 1, 2015 to [...]

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A Personal Trainer’s 2nd 30 Days Being On The BulletProof Diet

  A Personal Trainer's 2nd 30 Days Going BulletProof Can All This Fat Really Be Good For Me? As I reflect on the last 60 days of this major diet change, I wonder if one’s diet is as important to others as it is to me.  In my more in-depth conversations with clients over the last 60 [...]

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Can High-Intensity Training Help Ease Arthritis Pain?

Can High-Intensity Training Help Ease Arthritis Pain? Arthritis Is A General Term Arthritis is a chronic illness that causes inflammation in joints which causes weakness and loss of movement.  Arthritis sufferers often have reduced endurance and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. About 1 out of every 5 US adults has doctor-diagnosed arthritis. The term arthritis includes [...]

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Stretching – The Long and The Short Of It

Stretching - The Long and The Short Of It Ditch The Stretch Flexibility is an overrated aspect of fitness.  If you are more flexible, what does that really mean?  It’s important to understand that muscle is the only elastic component of a joint.  The ligaments, tendons and bones are only elastic in a minuscule amount. [...]

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Scripps Florida Scientists Unravel the Molecular Secret of Short, Intense Workouts

In the last few years, the benefits of short, intense workouts have been extolled by both researchers and exercise fans as something of a metabolic panacea capable of providing greater overall fitness, better blood sugar control and weight reduction—all of it in periods as short as seven minutes a few times a week.

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Connections Between Sleep and Cancer – The Benefits of Better Sleep

Cancer Research Journal Reports On The Fragmented Sleep Study There is new research showing a connection between sleep and cancer growth, and, more directly, that disrupted sleep may help to increase tumor growth. This study, published in the Cancer Research Journal, is the first to state the direct effects of fragmented sleep on cancer growth.

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