Cancer Research Journal Reports On The Fragmented Sleep Study

There is new research showing a connection between sleep and cancer growth, and, more directly, that disrupted sleep may help to increase tumor growth.

This study, published in the Cancer Research Journal, is the first to state the direct effects of fragmented sleep on cancer growth in mice. The study evaluated two groups of mice during a period of four weeks. One group was awakened each night with a motorized brush that moved through the cages while the control group was not.

After seven days, each of these two groups were injected with one tumor type, TC-1 or 3LLC.  Following the injections, all the mice developed tumors within nine to 12 days. They were  then evaluated after four weeks. The findings were interesting, compared with the mice who slept normally, the group whose sleep was interrupted developed tumors twice as large for both tumor types (TC-1 and 3LLC).

Further Experiments

A follow-up study established that when researchers injected the tumor in the thigh muscle (which usually limits the growth of the tumor), the tumors were even more aggressive in the mice whose sleep was interrupted, and they invaded the surrounding tissues. It seems that the immune system has an essential role preventing cancer growth, and the immune system is assisted in it’s job by full, restful sleep.  The well-rested mice presented M1-type TAMs, while the sleep-fragmented mice presented M2S-type TAMs.

TAMs are actually the hallmark of the immune system’s response to tumor, and their response is conditioned by the received chemical signals.  Fragmented sleep actually changes the response of the immune system, which can be responsible for the development of the tumor. This discovery provides real proof that we must sleep soundly if we are to achieve optimal health.

Some tips for a better sleep

Healthful, refreshing sleep is more than simple rest. Proper sleep allows us to function better when we are awake, and, during sleep the body produces hormones that help repair cells and fight against illness.


  • Shut down all computer screens and phones two hours before bed.
  • Start regularly scheduled sleep.
  • Attempt to wake up each morning at the same time and you will be able to sleep better during the night, without being interrupted.
  • Please mute your cellphone and put it in Airplane mode, or shut off completely. There are some studies showing the detrimental effects of cellphone radiation, especially with long exposure.
  • Don’t eat right before going to sleep.  Give your body some time to digest the food, as this is an energy consuming task for your entire system.
  • Avoid drinking coffee at late hours, which even if you believe it helps you to sleep will disturb your sleep quality, causing interrupted sleep during the night.

Get the most out of your sleep by recovering fully each night from your busy day.  Uninterrupted sleep will help you feel refreshed, clear-headed and possibly stave off cancer!