Excuses for working out

If you’ve tried to workout in the past and find that you lose motivation, get injured or can’t find the time, you’re not alone.

For more than the last 20 years I have trained clients in the SuperSlow and ZeroForce Protocols.  I haven’t strayed from these very similar exercise programs, and some of my clients have been with me ALL of that time!

The boredom or lack of motivation you may have felt is likely due to over-training.  When you exercise for any length of time you will have reasons and complications that come up which threaten to stop your progress.  And once you stop your routine, it’s often more difficult to start again.

I believe the reason some of my clients have stayed with this program is because it’s so efficient and effective – once a week for 20 minutes!  Who doesn’t have time for that?  It’s hard to justify NOT exercising when there’s so little time commitment.

Another reason you may have wanted to stop (or did stop) exercising is because you acquired an injury.  Although injuries can happen in our workout, we see so very few that our clients return and continue to make progress for years and years.  That’s because this program is very safe.

So, if you feel you’re simply not going to be able to exercise consistently enough to get the progress and health you deserve and want, look into what the ZeroForce Protocol can do for you.

Contact us for a complimentary intake session in San Francisco, you’ve got nothing to lose but your expectations that you can’t do it!